Cynthia Robinson, HHC, AADP



HI! I’m Cindy Robinson, founder of Cynthia Robinson HHC. Helping others to change their life through nutrition is my passion. First let me tell you a little about myself and my journey over the last 18 years…

I have been a single mom for 35+ years. It was not always easy because life just tends to dish up some unexpected obstacles. I am a Christian, and I LOVE the L_rd.

My daughter has two fabulous son’s, and great husband. While I reside in the north of this wonderful US of A, they reside in the south. That makes it a great place to visit! The boys are 17 and 18mos…. I know huge age difference but they are loving it! The oldest just dotes on his baby brother.

My journey to become a health coach began in 1993. I became very ill very quickly in August of that year. By Thanksgiving I felt like I was coming down with the flu and never got to eat dinner with the family. I just went to bed and unfortunately I never got out of bed for another three weeks, and I did not have the flu. My doctor misdiagosed me and was giving me totally wrong medications for what I actually had; so when the diagnosis finally came in, I threw those meds away and began my journey to total health.

I had a wonderful doctor who saw me through testing at Dana Farber in Boston, along with his own tests, and he finally said… “my dear, you have Systemic Lupus Erythmetosis.” I was stunned but quickly began firing questions at him. After all the prescriptions were written, and paperwork was in place I became a “ward of the government” relying on all my medical treatments to be taken care of by them along with Social Security Disability. By February of 1994 I was hospitalized, my breathing capacity shot down to only 32%. That was pretty scary! I could not even stand at my kitchen sink to wash a dish. Pretty severe! The worst of this was the fact that the day the doctors told my family I was dying, was the anniversary of my dad’s death the year before. Talk about a shockwave… the entire family just went numb and some did not handle it well to say the least!

When I was released from that weeks stay in the hospital for inhilation therapy, I came home to begin my journey. Once the hub-bub subsided, and everyone went home, I sat down on the couch with my bible and notebook and the first thing I asked was: “OK G_d, what do you want.” You know when you are too busy with life and are not paying attention to G_d, he has a way of getting that attention and this was it for me. What do you think the first thing was he said to me? It sort of rocked me because I was not expecting this…”get the plank out of your own eye”… hmmm… I truly repented at that point and not without some anguish.

Then I went to the next step: I dove into how He used women in the bible. From that point on, I was literally having nutrition books given to me by the most unsuspecting friends… I studied, prayed, and studied some more. I soaked up all I could about this disease, learned that there is no known cure, but I did not give up!

I began to change my diet, added vitamin therapy to regain my health and within six months after the doctors in Boston and my own Rheumatologist told me I had six months to live, my prognosis was drastically changed. I had managed to turn the disease to where it was completely managable and this was so EXCITING!

Of course my doctors wanted to know what I had done because in their words: “No one comes back from where you were Cindy… NO ONE!”

All I could say was well… G_d had other plans for me and wooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo!

I continued to build on the vitamin therapy, trusting in G_d DAILY! I continued to get stronger but the disease still lingered on. Turns out that in my case it is hereditary in my family, on my Dad’s side and no one knew about it. That was an eye opener to say the least because my dad comes from a family of 12 kids, and there were about 100 cousins… BIG family huh?

Once I made it through this illness… I was totally healed by the way at a Healing Conference in the year 2000, the Awake America Revival that was sweeping the nation. You know, like a Billy Graham Crusade… but I GOT HEALED – TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY HEALED. I never should have made it to this point either, that is what really astounds me. I managed to change my diet, and change my life…literally.

Once healed I did not stop there, I went to college and obtained a degree in HealthCare Administration, then I went on to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and graduated in 2012 Certified as a Health Coach.

I have since worked hard to lose the weight I gained while I was sick… but first things first. I had to rebuild my adrenal glands. That baby had nearly died completely from the extended use of prednisone. The rebuilding took a while but I managed, especially after doctors told me it would be impossible.  There it is again… that word “IMPOSSIBLE”. NOTHING is impossible with G_d. I have joint issues also caused by the prednisone but I am overcoming all these obsticles. I am now on the road to shedding the excessive weight I gained while on all those meds, and I am happy to say I am succeeding.

School has taught me a few things and I am taking it a day at a time. The weight will be where it needs to be, and my physical activity is getting better daily. Walking for health is my mainstay!

Because i have been able to recreate myself I know I have it in me to help others… so here I am ready willing and able.

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